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Verde Vineyards, Johnston, RI


As a wine writer in New England who also spends time in northern Michigan, I have tasted quite a few wines from hybrid grapes. St. Croix is, in my opinion, the very best of the red hybrids. Giacomo Verde's St. Croix is utterly delicious. It has abundant fruit, right up front, and a luscious quality from soft tannins, but it does not lack the acidity any wine needs to go with food. While St. Croix is sometimes said to produce a wine like Pinot Noir, I agree with Verde that his wine is more like a southern Rhône. His wine is so good now I sometimes wonder how it will age. But I doubt that anyone who buys some will resist pulling the corks as soon as possible.
— Donald Breed, former wine writer for The Providence Journal

Probably one of the best vineyards I've ever visited. Owner and staff are very friendly. They just finished their new tasting room which looks great. Owner took us on a tour, showed us what the wine was like before it matured and was bottled up. He had a story about everything, including where the wood from the tasting room floors came from to how he got his solar panels. Best part is it's about 5 minutes from where I live . It will definitely be a place I bring my friends who come up to visit!
— Hitomi K., Scituate, RI

You would never know this was Johnston. I'm lucky to live down the street from this gem and we grab bottles of wine quite frequently. I have never liked red wine but I LOVE the red made here. The owner Jim is an amazing soul who puts a lot into the vineyard. He enjoys sharing that with visitors. Going here is like taking a mini-vacation up to Vermont, except it's right in our back yard.
— Lea W., Marietta, GA

What a gem! I am told to spread the word of how wonderful this place is; but then you might go and buy the St. Croix for yourself. I recommend it highly. Just please leave me another bottle or two. Giacomo Verde is so fun and his enthusiasm for wine is definitely contagious. I am planning to do a tour this summer. Who knew wine grew in Johnston?! RI has so much beauty and potential and we need more places like Verde Vineyards to be a destination MUST. Have some time on your hands? Go visit the tasting room which is simply stunning. The St. Croix is a wonderfully smooth and delicious red. I would like to say it went well with the dinner I planned to have it with, but my neighbor and I pretty much enjoyed it prior to cooking. Whoops! Good thing I got that second bottle! Grazie, Giacomo!
— Gretchen G., Johnston, RI

I was sick of pavement and have been craving a quick escape and a something a little different than my usual eating escapes in Providence. This was perfect. I had a wonderful time here chatting with the wine maker and his wife about the vineyard and his wines. We were able to sample a bottle of St. Croix and had a nice time chatting about the wine making process and how to taste wine He is obviously very passionate and knowledgeable and I wouldn't hesitate to return. I plan to bring my wine expert friends later in the year. Even though we visited too late in the year to see the grapes on the wines, the property was still gorgeous, and the tasting room is lovely, too. Highly recommended. Take a trip and come up here. There are also some great farms in the area, too.
— Claire C., Providence, RI

Jim Verde is authentic as it gets! He's currently offering a St. Croix red, with a tasty, long finish. It's out of this world and is perfectly priced. This is not your traditional winery, so don't expect it to be like anything you've experienced before . Mr Verde has so much knowledge in wine making and grapes and the fermenting process, you will leave his place with a smile and feeling like you just got a free lesson on the wine making process. He can't help himself in sharing his passion and knowledge, so get ready to try a great wine and spend an hour learning a little something. You won't be disappointed. I can not wait to go and help out and take some seminars. Make sure to get on his mailing list. PS: this is low sulfites and you all know what that means!!!!! Salute!
— Eric S., Westerly, RI

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